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In-person or remote bespoke coaching and production services to get you confidently (and concisely) presenting to camera about the stuff you and your audience care about

People engage people they know
introduce yourself

but WHY?

For your prospects to get your genuine commitment to their success, you need to talk your walk.

Short of media tours, baby kissing and live debates, online video remains the best bang-for-buck (and effort) method of connecting with your audience.


We’re not talking wining-the-genetic-lottery level presentation here, we’re talking about your ability to connect with your audience – through the lens.

Coz your audience don’t pay you to watch you, rather – they could engage you because you can help them. The foundation of our approach to presenting is less about the how and more why of what you offer.
The why you get out of bed, the purpose stuff, the bedrock of storytelling stuff. And we employ some unique processes to uncover it:

  • You might be excellent at what you do, great with people and your clients, but when confronted with a lens this all goes out the window.
  • You you’re confident presenting, great with your clients, but when confronted with a lens you just . . don’t . . know . . what to do (we’ve got an innovative ^^^solution for that^^^).
  • Or, you feel you’re snazzy with all the above, but need some strategy guidance to grow your biz sustainably.

We wrangle all the above 🙂 .

Ask us anything!

(But we’re likely more helpful re: video + strategy).


We enable you to CLARIFY what lights you up and ARTICULATE your value: that which solves your clients problem.

Through bespoke practical excercises, work and practice, both in-person and remotely.

Story & Presentation Coaching

Clarify and articulate your What, Where, How & WHY to camera.

Get on-camera-mojo.

Video Production

Get yourself out there and save the world – one less bad video at a time!

Video & Marketing Training

Strategy can brain-hurty when you’re up too close – get perspective, work a system, get results.


Morgan was really easy to work with – an expert in every way. The day we made the video was a lot of fun, he made me feel very comfortable and confident about what I was presenting.

I highly recommend Morgan for making a video for your website or for your advertising purposes.

Susan Artup

I felt stuck, I wasn’t getting commissions I wanted. Morgan helped me make important changes that in just a few weeks attracted awesome projects I actually wanted to work on. I felt a bit scared about standing in front of a camera, but he made it feel really easy and natural. The result is honest and charming, and my clients like it a lot too! I would totally do it again, and recommend it to anyone who wants to bring her/his business to the next level.

Susana Gomez

Morgan was friendly, professional and knowledgable, and resolved any doubts I had about filming. The day was a lot of fun and the editing process was just as easy. He was open to feedback and made changes without hassle. In the end, I was really happy with the outcome and the impact on my business has been real – I’ve been getting new clients. At the end of the day, that’s what you want. I would definitely recommend Morgan.

Jim O’Connor

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