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    You’ll most often hear spiels re: most effective, bang for buck way of marketing and sales far and above other media.

    While this remains true, at SC we’re much more interested in videos’ ability to cut through the cruft. We’re not talking about creating more noise to fill up the internet, we’re talking about the experience of genuinely wanting to offer value in all you do and hence getting a lens pointed at you. 

    The lens is the great BS detector, and you know it. This is where all prepared speeches and pretences get left on the floor, and you clarify, and articulate, what is that you’re really here to offer, after all.


    In short: because it’s noisy out there (read: exhausting) and you need to stand out (read: be of value).

    Expressing who you really are, and why you do what you do is how you connect with those also aligned with your goals. And finding the right people to engage with, who have a problem you can solve, starts with walking the right talk.

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    "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"
    Albert Einstein

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